and cut costs with a comprehensive room and resource scheduling solution.

If you’re relying on multiple room and resource scheduling systems, you’re not working efficiently. A 2014 benchmark study revealed an average of 1,951 employee hours were lost every 12 months by organizations using numerous systems and outdated scheduling processes.

In a personalized demo from EMS Software, find out how an all-in-one solution can get your increasingly mobile and collaborative workforce to work smarter—saving you time and money.

During the demo, you’ll learn how to:

Prevent double bookings
by replacing disparate systems with one solution that offers visibility into all spaces
Boost employee productivity
by managing everything—from room booking to catering and AV—all from one simple interface
Generate cost savings
by using real-time analytics to identify and eliminate underutilized space
"Without EMS my team would be frantic managing the 16,000 bookings we create each year."
Bryan J., Hospitality Department, Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt LLP
Learn how to manage space better with a customized demo.
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